Twisted Djenné Bracelet, Mali
Funerary Bracelet with Two Spikes, Sao Chad
Pair of Funerary Bracelets, Djenné, Mali
Funerary Ring Djenné, Mali
Protective Snake Pendant, Gan, Burkina Faso
Djenné Funerary Ring, Mali
Silver Equestrian Figure, Kotoko, Chad / Cameroon
Miniature Equestrian Figure, Guimbala, Mali
Kotoko Equestrian Figure, Chad / Cameroon
Pair of Copper Hairpins, Lobi / Mossi / Peul Burkina Faso / Niger
Brass Hairpin, Bobo, Burkina Faso
Pair of Hairpins, Fulani / Hausa, Niger
Bronze Dagger, West Africa
Trio of Tanzanian Pins
Peul / Tuareg Hairpin, West Africa
Funerary Ring Djenné, Mali
Miniature Tortoise Pendant, Senufo, Ivory Coast
Silver Maria Theresa Bracelet, Fur, Sudan
Lead Power Object Yoruba Nigeria
Dan Maternity
Bronze Warrior with Throwing Knife Chad
Equestrian Figure with Charms
Leather-Wrapped Equestrian, Putchu Guinadji Kotoko, Chad Cameroon
Leather-Wrapped Putchu Guinadji Bundle
Leather-Wrapped Kotoko Equestrian
Silver Equestrian Figure, Kotoko, Chad / Cameroon
Abstract Silver Equestrian Figure, Kotoko, Chad / Cameroon
Ogboni Pair
Ogboni Maternity Figure, Yoruba Nigeria
Dan Family
Silver Equestrian Figure, Kotoko, Chad / Cameroon
Aluminum Equestrian Figure, Kotoko, Chad / Cameroon
Wrapped Equestrian, Putchu Guinadji, Kotoko, Chad
Standing Male Figure
Miniature Bronze Couple, Gan, Burkina Faso
Iron Chameleon, Gan, Burkina Faso
Silver Equestrian with Sword, Kotoko Chad
Protective Snake Pendant, Lobi or Gan, Burkina Faso
Equestrian Figure with Shield, Kotoko, Chad/Cameroon
Silver Equestrian
Bangwa Dog
Abstract Zoomorphic Figure / Currency Object, Mumuye / Chamba, Nigeria
Dagari Birdman
Bronze Dagger Handle, Tuareg, West Africa
Vietnamese Ancient Miniatures
Pair of Currency Objects, Viet-Han, North Vietnam