Inauthentic Luba Dagger, D.R. Congo
Inauthentic Oshele Currency Blade Nkutshu / Ndengese, D.R. Congo
Inauthentic Onzil or Musele Knife Kota, Gabon
Ceremonial / Status Axe, Lunda, D.R. Congo
Inauthentic currency object inspired by a throwing knife, ndondo-guindza, or ngindza
Copper Kota Double-Eye
Inauthentic Kreish Throwing Knife, Sudan
Inauthentic Prestige blade In the style of the Yakoma, D.R. Congo / C. A. Republic
Inauthentic Kreish Kresh Kreisch Kreich Throwing Knife
Inauthentic Fishtail Knife, Kota, Gabon
Inauthentic Crownless Throwing Knife Banda, Central African Republic / D.R. Congo
Contemporary Throwing Knife, gbo or ndundo
Inauthentic Throwing Knife, moko-ndo Ngbaka Mabo, Central African Republic / D.R. Congo
Electroplated Copper Epalang Mbuun Yanzi
Inauthentic Onzil Knife with Long Handle, Fang, Gabon
Parade Sword Mongo Mpamba D.R. Congo
Inauthentic short sword in sheath, Luba, DR Congo